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CPT Employer Application

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Employer Agreement

(Form I-20 with CPT authorization will only be processed once the CPT Employer Application has been approved. Student cannot start working before receiving the form I-20 with CPT authorization)

(All fields are required.)

As an employer of a Stratford University CPT student I agree to:

  • Provide a formal CPT offer letter to the student that identifies the dates of internship employment consistent with the Stratford University academic calendar and acknowledge employment of no more than 40 hours perweek.
  • Provide the student with a paid, challenging, and progressive work experience in an area specifically related to the student's academic field of study.
  • Ensure the student has been issued a valid I-20 with CPT authorization prior to allowing the student to begin the internship.
  • Evaluate the CPT student performance on a regular basis and alert Stratford University if any problems exist.
  • Work cooperatively with the student’s CPT course professor and provide a mid-quarter and end of quarter report to the CPT course professor and Stratford University.
  • Provide constructive suggestions to the student for their professional improvement.
  • Provide appropriate training/orientation as related to the student’s program of study and internship.
  • Acquaint the CPT Student with the work site, company expectations, and areas of responsibility.
  • Be an active mentor of the student to include helping the student:
    • Learn about the field of study and degree program through hands-on experience
    • Obtain career advice
    • Learn about company and US culture, values, and develop presentation skills
    • Experience the management process
  • Complete the “Employer satisfaction survey” (accessible at => Employer Section => Employer Survey)

By signing this form, I acknowledge and certify that the student listed on our internship offer letter is on an F-1 visa and must abide by all U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) rules and regulations.